Types of treatment available


Diagnosis is the start of all treatment. Although this sounds obvious, diagnosis is key to tracking down the actual problem that you are suffering from. For example, even though you are suffering from a pain in your arm, the root of the problem may be located elsewhere and with careful examination I can locate the source of your pain and decide on the most helpful treatment for you.

Sports Massage

More specific massage directly related to the ailment that you arrived at my clinic with. Normally after a brief discussion begins with me going straight in with the treatment and locating the actual source of the problem. Given feedback and the initial discussion I will be able to determine if it is related to anything else that might be happening elsewhere in your body and provide treatment that will balance the body so you feel confident to compete again.

Deep Tissue Massage

More general than sports massage, again it goes towards relieving specific tension/tightness and irritation to certain muscle groups and will involve intensive work on the tissue that is affected. In my experience muscle adhesions and a build up of scar tissue will always compromise the normal operations of muscle and performing this type of therapy can be effective to get you back to normal operations.

Injury prevention & advice on stretching

Massage is very effective in keeping you feeling balanced, advice is always provided and especially so, if I feel that strengthening or stretching is the way forward to help you manage the problems you are commonly experiencing.

Advice on aftercare & remedial excercise

I often need to re-evaluate my clients to see if further advanced techniques are required to help alleviate a problem or certain weakness. Quite often my regarded consultancy is enough to provide a fix that will benefit a client on a long term basis. I am a friendly individual, I like having a busy clinic and do enjoy seeing my clients on a regular basis. Quite often one therapy and some advice to take home is all that is needed to fix a problem.

Muscular-skeletal correction

My treatments always include mobilisation where needed, never forceful but in working with the body. I believe that if something is stuck/jammed then you haven’t found the route of the problem. I also have a lot of physio knowledge to determine what a full range of movement should look like when I’m checking a client.

Postural evaluation (Skeletal alignment)

One of the many questions I get asked is : “Where is neutral?” Most people will have lost where this is and with postural exercises (pilates based) this can help strengthen and regain the neutral balance. I use many techniques for measuring anatomy and some of my therapies will assist getting things back in the right place.

Seitai Therapy (acupressure massage) clothed

Japanese form of osteopathy trained under a well respected Sensei Master called Mr. Nakamura in Oxford. I have to say that “learning and receiving these types of treatments - I never felt better in my life than when having two sessions a week learning/practicing Seitai”. It is an excellent treatment to receive. It is based on an all whole body balancing alignment working on the meridians and pressure points, very enlightening and very energising for the patient.

Visceral Manipulation (internal restrictions)

This type of therapy is the one that interests me the most and over the last half of my career it is where I have invested the most money on for the training courses that I professionally engage upon.

I generally include this in my treatments, if I feel that the problem is not muscular or skeletally related. Quite often this can be directly attributed to some postural change/trauma/illness and our insides tighten up and can be the root cause of problems we feel on the outside. Medical issues with areas like Migraine/headaches, stomach, digestive tract issues, pancreatic pains, tight diaphragm, pelvic issue, urogenital problems, liver, lungs and heart - will benefit from receiving this type of therapy and can also help improve vascular issues.

One example that springs to mind is - of a young girl who was suffering with intermittent pancreatic pains which resulted in hospital treatment and ultimately seemed to be caused by stress. I felt I could help her and performed some visceral therapy, that has helped her break the cycle of pain and has definitely alleviated her pains.

Another case through my clinic was of a man in his 50’s thrown from a vehicle in an incident and was diagnosed as suffering from what his doctors referred to as "brain shake". He was told that it could resolve itself in days/months/years or not at all, anyway to cut a long story short - it was very debilitating for him. On treating him, I was drawn to around the area of his heart and the aorta. With the visceral techniques I performed I felt a massive change in the tension of his thorax and he said that "it was like a switch had been flicked and the head cleared up almost instantly. I understand from seeing him recently that he has suffered no further re-occurance of this ailment from his motoring accident".

Cranio Sacral Massage

I use cranio-sacral therapy to help balance the head space, relieve the tension of the cranial bones, balance the pressures in the head, help relieve/drain sinuses, and help alleviate headaches/migraines. It can go as far as to improve how your glasses sit on your face, release eye tension and for treating facial nerve pains.

Sharon Boulter IIST IIHHT FTST MDip